The journey is coming – thought of everything? – by Dr. Peter Boskamp…

As is known, I am not a supporter of strict timetables during the racing season. Every shot is different, as are the circumstances. In short, following a flight pattern forces us to use our minds.

old birds

It is reasonable to let adult pigeon control respiratory infections, trichomoniasis, coccidiosis and worms a good month before the beginning of the racing season for latent (hidden).

If this is not done with you, they should do so quickly.

Besides, this is also an opportunity to get a picture of the state of defenses.
In practice, we see, especially in pigeons, is done for the defense little or nothing at the end of the winter season often hidden respiratory infections and irritation of the trachea and nose. Obviously, the doves interfere but little.

In practice, however, one can often find that pigeons show clinical symptoms after two to three flights and their flight performance declines dramatically if no effective measures are taken.
If you then need cures during the racing season, the best form is usually lost for a long time. The residue to other beats is thus exacerbated.

If necessary, can be gekurt at a dose of 5 grams per liter of drinking water, preferably but rather with 10 g per kg food against existing respiratory infections for 6 days with powder 26 (Myco-ornimix).
Also, if necessary, on two consecutive days, a Trichomoniasiskapsel be given on an empty stomach.
If you want to use any capsules, because you find that too much work, you can use at moderate infections instead powder 26 and powder 18th

It is reasonable, the drug from this point 2 to 3 times per week to be administered (5 ml per liter of drinking water), whereby the pigeons can build a better condition again.

Besides Pigeonexpress or Barleans Flax Seed Oil's about to give it food, also 2 to 3 times a week.

A. short-haul and long-haul flights

The day before basketing can provide additional support to the condition Boni-MR (plus) -Supplement administered via's feed. At increasing distances should do this for two days.
On the day of basketing can be given in combination with Boni-SGR bonuses Mineral (10 drops per liter of drinking water). We recommend adding a last always fresh, clean drinking water.

In return the first Bonisol administered (1 tablespoon per liter of drinking water), then powder 18 through's lining (10 g per kg food) or 5 grams per liter in drinking water. An alternative is to mix SA (7 g per kg food or 7 grams per two liters of drinking water).

If you have a row gekurt before the season, two days with a Trichomoniasiskapsel, you can also apply powder 26 as a disinfectant for the first flights take powder 18 or SA-mix.

About's drinking water Boni-SGR administered (5 ml per liter of drinking water). Initially 2 to 3 times a week, if the flights are longer, you can also increase the number of days.

After heavy flights and at increasing distances, the administration of powder 18 or SA-Mix (= Boni-superornithosemix) is recommended for two consecutive days. Powder 34 can be given for flights of 300 to 350 Km.
Alternatives for the use of Trichomoniasiskapseln are powder 26 and powder 31st
The administration of Trichomoniasiskapseln can be repeated three to four weeks after the last administration in a day.

Potentially, you can treat the pigeons individually with Marbocap or Ornicap.
The capsules are adapted to the individual pigeon, so that the right amount of medicine can be supplied.

B. Weitstreckenflüge

Individual treatment of pigeons with Orni capsules is preferred in long distance races. The advantage of individual treatment at long distance races that you do not need to administer all pigeons drugs unnecessarily, which is an advantage when it comes to restrict the use of medication.

On the day of basketing can Boni-SGR (5 ml per liter of drinking water) with bonuses mineral combine (10 drops per liter of drinking water). When warm weather is expected, it is advisable to add a tablespoon Bonisol this drink.

In return can be given as the first beverage drinking water with Bonisol so that the pigeons can recover faster (a tablespoon per liter of drinking water), then one or two days a Orni capsule.

If you gave the pigeons a trichomoniasis capsule on an empty stomach on two consecutive days before the flying season, giving one capsule every three weeks is still sufficient as prevention against trichomoniasis.
(When using Trichomoniasiskapseln, one can use powder after the flights 26 or powder 31).
If you want to apply any Trichomoniasiskapseln, one should give preference preferably SA-mix (bonuses super Ornithosemix) or powder 18 over's feed.

With heavy long distance races should pigeons succession administer a Orni capsule a week before basketing three days. In addition, several days Boni-MR Plus Supplement on's food and bonuses SGR in the drinking water.
On the last two days before basketing in combination with Bonisol (a tablespoon per liter), Boni-Mineral (10 drops per liter) and Boni-Catplus (20 drops per liter).

In return Bonisol (a tablespoon per liter of drinking water) and two consecutive days a Orni capsule.


Pieper, which are sold to about five days to get a cure with SL mix, after two to three days a week Boni-SGR.
To enhance muscle development can be administered weekly bonuses-glutamine via's feed at the same time in several days.

In this way, the development of boys can be as effective. About two weeks before the training flights Boni-Jodi on's feed is introduced the boy to 5 days. It is also useful to give two consecutive days Trichomoniasiskapsel on an empty stomach.

A day before basketing you are a tablespoon bonuses MR Supplement over's feed.
On the day of basketing they are bonuses SGR (5 ml per liter of drinking water), along with 10 drops bonuses mineral.
When returning home after the flight you are the first drink a tablespoon Bonisol per liter of drinking water and Boni-Jodi on's feed.
During the first flights, it is sufficient to give three times a week Boni-SGR in the drinking water. If the distances are greater, the frequency may be increased and also the Boni-MR (Plus) -Supplement can be given several days.
Boni-MR supplement can be moistened with Pigeonexpress, Barleans oil, Bonisol or diluted lemon juice.

After the fourth flight, it is desirable to administer the boy one to two days a Orni capsule.

(Mind you, if you want to use any Trichomoniasiskapseln, you can enter Monday (the boy alternatively) SL-mix powder and Tuesday 18 Otherwise remains the scheme described above..)

This overview should be seen as a basic overview. The circumstances may well ensure that, for example, the youngsters instead Bony-Jodi, a stronger airway mix need because the pigeons have a more severe infection. If the pigeons are still stuck mucus, it may be necessary to use nose drops or biological nebulizer to disinfect the airways. When pigeons come later, you can keep better a few days individually, and you enter a few days Marbokapsel and a yellow capsule when they return home.

In conclusion: Only if all agree factors to be successful. And these factors are good pigeons, a good impact, a good pigeon fancier and good health.

This letter is only meant as a guide. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

I wish you success!


Peter Boskamp


The pigeon clinic Beek is part of the local veterinary Centre. It work here 6 vets and 8 (para-veterinary) AssistentInnen.In addition to the use of regular medications, the use of alternative veterinary remedies (e.g. herbs) is very important.

We strive in practice through regular preventive health checks to forestall excessive use of drugs. The application of immune strengthening herbs is used with the same goal. Above methods are combined with preventive vaccinations, sure that the pigeons with increased defense can start in the season.

In this way can be scooped during the season also unnecessary treatments, so that time and space to improve the shape of animals and thus to higher performance occur.

consulting P. BoskampSeveral times per year we send information for pigeon lovers, as well as an overview of drugs frequently used in Pigeon racing to all pigeon fanciers, registered with us. On request, we will send information about new developments, new products and other information relevant to the pigeon sport also regularly by E-Mail.

“Regular health monitoring of pigeons is the basis for good flight performance”

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