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Carrier pigeon food

Breeders who are looking for top pigeon food for rearing, moulting and racing pigeon travel from Germany end up at Mifuma! Our range of racing pigeon food is recommended by top breeders with experience and is not only characterized by the best quality of all components to meet the highest demands, it also offers a well-rounded program for the entire pigeon year and racing pigeon racing. From breeding, feeding young pigeons, the journey, which requires a lot of strength, to moulting, where the goal is to develop strong and beautiful plumage, everyone will find what they are looking for with us. For our component-rich and well-thought-out feed mixtures for racing pigeons, we are always in close contact with Germany's top lofts and are guided by the latest scientific findings on the subject of feed. But not only our grain mixtures for pigeons are unique, our pearls such as the Immune, the Active, the Full Strength and the Vital Pearl are also unparalleled, because Mifuma is the only feed manufacturer that can use the pilling process. All of our pigeon products, from young pigeon feed to our bestsellers for breeding and moulting, are adapted in content and mixture to the pigeons' current feed mineral requirements. Depending on the feed and program, they contain the best ingredients such as various seeds and seeds as well as our exclusive components such as the top corn, the power peas and our pearls. Our racing pigeon feed is produced in Germany, which is reflected in the quality and variety of components of the mixtures.

The MIFUMA carrier pigeon program for download

Competent, committed and reliable:

What we have to offer our customers

To the company

Mischfutter Werke Mannheim GmbH has a long tradition: our company has been offering feed for a wide variety of animal species since 1965. From the very beginning, great emphasis was placed on quality in the manufacture of our products. But we also always kept an eye on the latest developments - and were able to successfully establish ourselves as experts in our industry.

With our “Mifuma” line, we support our customers in feeding their farm animals, pets and hobby animals. Whether for horses, pigs or rabbits – we coordinate our concepts optimally to guarantee your animals a balanced diet. Our many years of experience as well as a large number of highly competent employees help us. Play

Our responsibility

The responsible treatment of our customers, employees and suppliers as well as the natural resources of our environment are firmly anchored in our corporate policy. For us, sustainability means striving for ecological, economic and social goals equally and simultaneously, while never losing sight of animal health and welfare. Long-term thinking and responsible action form the basis of our economic success.

More about our responsibility

Our extensive network

In addition to Mannheim and Wallerfangen, the Mifuma range is also produced in Hombourg, Belgium. By expanding our company to include the Hafner-Futter brand and the associated production site in Ichenhausen, we are strengthening our expertise in the production of feed in natural and organic quality. Our goods can also be loaded at two warehouse locations in Bamberg and near Berlin in order to provide our dealer network throughout Germany with the best possible feed.

Our collaborations and branches not only promote increased production, they also enable short transport routes. This not only makes our sales partners happy, but above all we also do something good for the environment. Thanks to our location on the Old Rhine, the Mannheim compound feed works are also delivered by ship, which means that CO2 emissions are extremely low.

Jürgen Vedder, Managing Director

“We combine traditional values ​​with the latest scientific findings.”

With quality guarantee

Certificates for download:

KAT-ZertificateA-feed certificateVLOG VerifiedQS-CertificateBio-Certificate

We take full responsibility for our actions and actions. We can do this with a clear conscience because we adhere to the strictest guidelines in our work. Our products are characterized by the highest quality and safety standards. Why can we guarantee this? Because we closely examine our suppliers and their raw materials and additives. This is a basic requirement for every single one of our productions. We also always keep an eye on the latest scientific findings. And we are working on further developing our offering accordingly.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management is based on the valid international standard ISO 9001. This means we keep our services transparent to customers and partners and continually work to improve our product, process and service quality.

We are also supported by KAT, the Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry. V., certified. Its principle is: equal conditions in all member countries for the protection of animals and securing their origin. Last but not least, our products bear the QS test mark. This means our customers can be sure that quality assurance has top priority, from the acceptance of the raw materials through to delivery.

Our “Without Genetic Engineering” logo

Many of our animal feeds are certified by the Association for Food Without Genetic Engineering (VLOG) and can bear the “VLOG tested” seal. Since many people don't understand this seal, we decided to design a logo ourselves. The Mifuma “Ohne Gentechnik” logo can be found on many of our feed bags. In order to adhere to the legal requirements, the addition “without genetic engineering labeling requirement” is required. We thereby indicate that Mifuma specifically does not use feed components in production that require a reference to genetically modified components in the declaration, taking into account the requirements of Regulations (EC) No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. Terms such as “GMO-free” and “GMO-free” without the corresponding addition are therefore extremely questionable in terms of feed law.

With our excellent feed, we are fulfilling the wishes of many animal owners and self-sufficiency farmers who want to provide their chickens, rabbits, horses, etc. with reliable, high-quality feed without genetic engineering.

Poultry grain feed premium without genetic engineering

NK: Feed that does not require labeling

The feed manufacturer specifically does not use any feed or feed components in the production of feed with the additional labels “NK” and “LL”, which, taking into account the requirements of Regulations (EC) No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, are declared when declaring a reference to require genetically modified components. The feed manufacturer produces according to the Q+S quality specifications and a corresponding test plan.

The feed produced according to this system will only be delivered to the contractual partner if the tests mentioned in sentence 1 have not revealed a need to label the feed in accordance with the provisions of Regulations (EC) No. 1829/2003 or 1830/2003.

Otherwise, the declaration of feed is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

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