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The founder of the company, Otto Klaus, started in 1918 at the age of 10 years of pigeon husbandry. Through careful observation, he noted that the pigeons out of feed and water showed a particular fondness for mineral-rich substances, small stones and the like.
The demand increased after these substances during the hatchling rearing. there hard to buy such, suitable for feeding substances at the time, Otto Klaus began – in the year 1926, after he had for years operated a homing pigeon sport – to bake the so-called pigeon stones for his pigeons.
At that time, these consisted of a mixture of clay, Earth, sand, gravel and salt. Initially, these "pigeon rocks" only for their own needs and good acquaintances were made. The pigeon rocks proved to be particularly important for carrier pigeons to take because the animals that hindered on the fields harmful substances like fertilizers and fertiliser (episode deadly poisoning).
By feeding these stones lack of minerals and stones were the pigeon stomach and-organismus offered, without the pigeons to compromise over the next years, Otto Klaus tried out the various materials. Because he lived in the vicinity of the Doberges, whose Mergel was used since long times to fertilizing the fields, he observed wild birds feeding on the steep walls of the pits. He began to use the fossil-rich mineral rock and it produced the first Klaus pigeon rocks. Certainly, this was a significant step in the life of Otto Klaus.
Also he made an important discovery for the pigeon sport hereby. Fossilien - and mineral-rich sediments of Doberg marl were recorded by the pigeons with special fondness.

Later investigations and opinions of scientists and researchers attest that it is not only a very mineral-rich substance with trace elements, but that this many million years old material of calcified plants and marine animals in a very porous, friable form exists from the pigeons can well absorb the important minerals.

Between 1928 and 1932 with the sale of Klaus pigeon stones started, because the demand by fanciers was always intense. used Otto Klaus in this time close to the well-known Belgian breeder Dr. Bricoux. Dr. Bricoux, as "World champion" the pigeon fanciers was sold at that time however no pigeons. So it was, that the first copies of the famous Bricoux pigeons in Exchange for a very clever Sheepdog, which Otto Klaus separated with a heavy heart, came to frets on the beat. Otto Klaus have succeeded in Germany to introduce the valuable Bricoux pigeons.

This was the beginning of a successful career of pigeon fanciers with amazing success. Of which bear witness to numerous awards, medals and newspaper articles. The interest in pigeon breeding increased the knowledge of Otto Klaus about the health and the life habits of pigeons.

The production was suspended during the second world war and the sale of the stones. 1947 could be restarted this time directly in the Doberg, in a restored lime kiln and a specially created, small building. the Klaus pigeon was constantly by more ingredients improves. 1951 the stone was named "nutritional grit stone" for the first time. 1954 the production building had to be demolished after the Doberg to the protected area was declared. In the following years, served until about 1959 a converted sheep fold as a production site for the now widespread and popular "Klaus nutritional grit stones". The sales program of Klaus expanded and Pico-grit (shells) and glass bowls were offered in addition to the stones.
At the end of the 1950s the production had reached a magnitude it urgently required to create new facilities. As the first large hall at the Beech Street 7 was completed in 1959, 1962, more new products could be offered the present headquarters., well known parasite ex E.g. wood fabric nesting bowls, vitamins and today. 1964 followed the construction of the large hall of marl for dry storage and treatment of the Dobergmergels. This was necessary, because the processing of the marl brought significant disadvantages in wet seasons. The expansion of the production range went so quickly that another large hall had to be built in 1970.

The outstanding popularity of Klaus Neil stone and its meaningful composition were passed repeatedly confirmed years in the feeding trials.

Thanks to the hyperopia by Otto Klaus, the different ways of shipment of the goods were used and built a nearly complete sales network throughout Germany.With the growth of the turnover increased also the number of employees, which today stands at approximately 25 employees. Due to the large number of consumers, the administrative work took on a such an extent, that in 1978 the first computer system in operation taken was, at the time one of the most advanced data center technology. The rapid development in data processing opens a much wider field of application than it did today, however. Today electronic processing are also used for product development, manufacturing and management.

In 1976 was the company of the sons Rolf and Peter Klaus passed. 1979 died Otto Klaus after of many years of severe disease. in 1980 the business was "Winner Dove laboratory" adopted. Since 1983 a Research Department for research and development of feed is responsible. At the same time, a new branch was established, the development and manufacture of high-performance vehicle engines. Another important event in the history of the company is the grant of the manufacturing authorization for medicinal products in 1987. So the FA was Klaus compound - and drug manufacturing plant.

1990, the space requirements of the operation had risen so far that the carve-out of the Department for the construction of sports and racing engines was necessary.
in 1991, the premises had to be expanded again to be adapted to a modern transport logistics.

Today is Klaus Neil stone factory GmbH & Co. KG an top breeders and professionals globally recognized and respected supplier of quality products.


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