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Beyers Belgium


Beyer is a balanced combination of experience and renewal. On the one hand, the more than century-old history of Beyers guarantees a rich experience in the production of high-quality feed mixes for pigeons, an experience that comes to fruition, such as the cleaning process of the grains. On the other hand, Beyer is always open for renewal, what ensures together with the rich history that Beyer is still leading in the area of pigeon feed. Through the merger with Dufky the innovative techniques of the elite were introduced Enzymix mixtures at Beyers, with enzymes to better digestion are added to the feed, and through cooperation with the world of modern pigeon sport continuously optimise of its products guarantees Beyers.


At Beyer is not worked from the ivory tower on products for the pigeon market. Work at all levels of the company, from production to sales and management, pigeon breeders, standing with both feet on the modern pigeon racing. In addition very intensively is worked with the top of today's pigeon sport in the country and abroad. Through their feedback about their experiences with the products of Baker can in practice blends and supplementary products are constantly optimized. As the pigeon sport is never still, but more intense and the burden of the deaf is increasing, it is necessary constantly to respond.


This English saying as much as "the practice prove it", and that is also the motto of Beyers. Want to lose too many words about it, that we strive for top quality for all our products, we allow our products through the results that make our customers in practice it, speak for themselves. And we don't mean only individual services but also Championships. To make the comparison with cyclists: we want that our customers not only the Sprint to win, but also a mountain stage and the yellow Jersey. That this is indeed the case in practice, stating for example from the large number of excellence of our customers over the past years. Ranging from Super results to national WINS and national championship. See examples of this evidence from practice on many pages in this catalog. Of course it all starts with good pigeons, but in a sport that is more and more intense, is the lining of ever greater importance. Or how the Belgian top breeder included Dirk van Dyck's so aptly in words: "I would have never thought that food can make a difference, so, until I switched to the mixture of Beyers."

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After the fourth cleaning, a Visual inspection is carried out again, then mixes in the bagging plant, where that feed is finally packed.



The selection of high-quality grains, a four-fold purification and a balanced composition ensure that lacks your pigeons to nothing. Particularly thorough cleaning of the grains has no equal. All grains contained in the mixtures are separately purified twice by variety before they are mixed. Followed by a further purification, and finally they are brushed. Since grains are a natural product and therefore each load may have different dimensions, seven of the grains is still real craft. By brushing the grains creates a naturally brilliant mixture is added without oil.


Wichtig dabei ist, dass die Mischungen den Bedürfnissen Ihrer Tauben entsprechen, was bei schweren Belastungen sicher nicht selbstverständlich ist. Bei BEYERS sind wir darum hauptsächlich bestrebt, Mischungen herzustellen, die eine maximale Aufnahme von Nährstoffen gewährleisten, sodass die Tauben möglichst viel Energie aus möglichst wenig Futter holen können. Die Verdauung des Futters erfordert auch Energie, und im modernen Taubensport ist die Zeit zwischen zwei Flügen häufig begrenzt. Außerdem ist es wichtig, nicht nur auf schnellen Erfolg aus zu sein, sondern dass die Tauben auch langfristig optimale Leistungen erbringen. Das bedeutet, dass das Futter so zusammengestellt sein muss, dass auch nach etwa sieben Flügen kein Rückschlag erfolgt. Zur Ergänzung des Futters ist es oft empfehlenswert, die Tauben, wie das auch bei Spitzensportlern gemacht wird, zusätzlich mit Ergänzungsprodukten zu versorgen, damit sie ihr Leistungspotenzial ausschöpfen können. Dafür bietet das hochwertige Sortiment von Beyers Plus umfangreiche Möglichkeiten.


In the feeding of pigeons, it is very important to respond to their needs. This requirement depends on the season and the levels of exposure. We look at the nutrients in grains, the basis of all mixes for pigeons consists of carbohydrates, protein and fat. The ratio of these nutrients must be tailored to the needs of the deaf. The carbohydrates (sugars) are getting the largest share. The protein content must be greater during the breeding and a serious flight, while the fat content must be increased, when the day comes closer. The key to success is the mixture on the feeding primarily so the balance. In addition, the quality of the grains is very important because the pigeons can do as much energy from minimal feed. The amount of nutrients that can be absorbed from the diet depends to a large extent by the quality and cleaning of grains.


Something like the best mixture does. The reason for this is that the pigeon fanciers do their sport in a very different way. Follow very different systems, and also the levels of exposure differs significantly. The question should always be: what feeding system fits best for me and my system. As a general rule of thumb we can keep here to the principle of "Simplicity is trumps". In the modern pigeon racing, it is anyway, so that in general this is what also Ad Schaerlaeckens says that indeed the one who makes the fewest mistakes, is master. In this catalogue we present you our products and give recommendations for their use, based on the practical experience of successful breeders. Decide which method best suits your system and take your advantage to bring their pigeon sport to a higher level.

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Look in the upper floor of the feed work. The raw materials reach the pre-cleaning and the first intensive cleaning through these channels in the individual storage silos, before the grains are processed. The whole process is monitored electronically.

The 3 BS: Balance needed - load-


As mentioned in the introduction, a good feeding is above all a question of walking on the needs of the deaf. This need is determined mainly by the strain of pigeons, where the weather conditions also play a role. Pigeons, feeding young, have a much higher demand for protein as pigeons sitting on widower. Pigeons, played every week with increasing distances up to 700 km, have a much higher energy requirement than doves, which fly on short-haul or pigeons, used every two weeks. The weather is an additional factor with regard to the load. When it's cold, pigeons need have more energy than when warm weather. Must often fight headwinds, the pigeons on the flights they need significantly more energy than when tailwind. In short: the needs of the deaf is changed depending on their load, and it is thing of the breeder, to respond. The blends, we continue our pigeons, must be balanced so that they meet the needs of the deaf. Roughly speaking feed mixes for pigeons consist of three primary nutrients: carbohydrates (sugars and starches), protein (proteins) and fatty. The relationship between carbohydrates, protein and fat must vary depending on the needs of the deaf. Always the carbohydrates form the largest share. A breeding mixture must have a relatively high proportion of protein, while a mixture for the last days before a flight must have a relatively high fat content. The balance of the feed in accordance with the needs of the deaf is achieved due to the different composition of the mixtures.

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The Beyers works in pods have the most modern production plants in Europe. Here is just the final packaging for the premium feed program.

product info


The so-called German blends were developed specifically for the German market, because the German travel program and the severity of the flights differ materially from the travel systems in Belgium and the Netherlands. find a number of Deutsche mixtures now also selling like hot cakes in countries such as Poland and the UK and even in the stronghold of pigeon racing, Belgium purchased. This is all about the quality Olympic and First Class blends.


The premium blends are seen high in the superlative BEYERS range. In the premium blends, special emphasis was placed on smaller grains places like Cribbs maize and small peas, the best shot of the grains in combination with soy. Those who opt for premium blends, can throw no more money to be sure, because the doves grains have thrown out of the feeding trough. Moreover, the composition of these mixtures is designed so that one can speak of an optimal nutritional value, allowing you to get the most out of the performance of your pigeons.


With the Bordeaux blends BEYERS has eight blends with authentic red Bordeaux maize.

For the tourist season but we have the premium Enzymix blends that used as a three-phase mixtures can also be used individually.

Versatile, complete and perfectly adapted to the needs of your pigeons. Easy to use, for best results in breeding, in the tourist season and during moulting: these are the basic principles of our Galaxy blends. Mixtures that meet the needs of modern racing pigeons that regularly endure heavy loads müssen.Jede Galaxy mixture contains at least 4 different maize varieties. Bordeaux maize is included in each Galaxy mixture.


With the Elite Enzymix mixtures BEYERS offers a unique range of mixtures, which enzymes have been added. These enzymes are 100% natural and completely tasteless and odorless. The enzymes are activated by the conditions in the crop after the intake of the feed and ensure that the cell walls of the grains are broken down faster. Thus, the pigeons absorb the nutrients better and faster. This has three advantages:

  • • The dove noticeably more energy obtained from the feed
  • • The better digestion and less drier feces leads to visible.
  • • The digestibility of protein and raw cellulose is significantly higher than traditional mixtures.

BEYERS SYSTEM MIXES The system BEYERS mixtures are easily digestible specific mixtures that can be used on as the base mixture throughout the year and which can be tuned in combination with other mixtures to the specific needs of the pigeons. Two of these mixtures have been compiled on the basis of recipes from two respected masters of pigeon racing: the Dutch top breeder Wal Zoontjens and the German champion Günter Prange. Their systems have been and are successfully followed throughout the world.


The base blends of BEYERS are designed to provide grains of good quality at a very reasonable price. The mixtures contain French Cribbs maize or corn Plata and are available with and without soy. The mixtures are matched to the corresponding periods: Breeding, travel and moulting. You will also find in this segment Centennium blends that have been created to mark the 100th anniversary of the company BEYERS and seeds mixture as a treat for each pigeon.


our Condition & Care range to complement the BEYERS mixtures composed of a high-quality range of food supplements, vitamin and mineral mixtures.

BEYERS Plus Condition & Care products are designed for the new needs in the modern pigeon sport. The loads are becoming more intense, the pigeons are used to longer distances and more frequently and so have shorter breaks.

to respond quickly and appropriately to these conditions is important in all seasons.


BEYERS has also brought a new line of mixes for pigeons on the market that are enriched with the enzymes of BEYERS Elite Enzymix system. These four mixtures are specifically tailored to the needs of pigeons and are characterized by the same high quality of the grains and the careful cleaning as the BEYERS mixtures for racing pigeons. By the way, we know from experience that many pigeons breeders also Premium Vandenabeele, Zoontjens yellow and the BEYERS Olympic mixtures use and are very satisfied.

Here you can read the current Beyers catalog 2020/2021…Click

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