Enrico Voigt – At the top for years…

...and now also a member of the Röhnfried Racing Team

At 47, Enrico Voigt is still one of the breeders of the younger generation. But he has had carrier pigeons since 1987 and that's 35 years. He plays in the regional association 503 in the RV hall and has been one of the shots to beat there for years. However, the current travel year 2022 has far exceeded all expectations. But his greatest success is that he was able to win his son Linus over to the pigeon sport. He will travel with him in the coming season as "SG Linus and Enrico Voigt".

Which travel system did you use in the 2022 season?

I have practiced total widowhood with 30 couples this year. During the season, the pigeons have to train for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Thursday is Family Day. This means that the female and the birds do their rounds together around the house and are then together in the loft for a short time. I do this because I can't do any training flights due to time constraints. After that, the pigeons only see each other again when they come back from the prize flight.

What is your breeding stock based on?

First of all I have to say that I am very lucky that all my breeding pigeons are housed by my friend Rene Hesse. This allows me to fully invest my valuable time in my travel team. We currently have 24 breeding pairs. These are also often re-paired during a breeding season. The 07266-07-77 with his hen 07266-07-118 from Gelsenkirchen can be described as an absolute master pair. A lot of old Hofken blood still flows through the regular couple. But also crossings with Dirk van Dyck pigeons brought very good offspring. Another breeding pillar is the female 7807-17-167. She is a true cultured pearl and comes from Bernd Siegburger from Herne.

Were there any major changes compared to last year?

I changed the ventilation in the travel loft by closing the windows again. Sometimes it's just little things that have a big impact. In addition, I have paired my racing pigeons only once this year on March 8th. After incubating the clutch, they were separated and widowhood began.

Which Röhnfried products would you absolutely not want to do without?

My entire care concept has been based on Röhnfried's 7-point plan for years. As a result, I not only achieve rapid regeneration in my racing pigeons, but they are also in top condition for the race and are able to achieve above-average results.

But I also have some products that I would definitely not want to do without during the trip. For me, this includes Blitzform, Carni-Speed ​​and K+K Protein 3000.

Why the three products?

Blitzform stimulates the metabolism of my racing pigeons. This in turn means that they are in top form. I don't want to do without Carni-Speed, because the regular administration of Carni-Speed ​​shows that they love to fly during the training phases throughout the season. If my pigeons train at home for a long time, I always have a very good feeling for the price races. I give K+K Protein 3000 for 3 meals after a prize flight. As a result, my pigeons regain volume very quickly and I know that the muscle build-up was excellently supported.

Which pigeons were the top performers this year?

This year in the RV hall I had 8 pigeons with 10 or more prizes after 12 races. The 5641-18-634 was the best bird in the RV and 5th as bird in the regional association with 12 prizes and 825.98 ace points. I would also like to mention the 5641-19-1075, he flies 11 prizes with 928 ace points. On our final flight of 600 km he won the first prize in the regional group with a lead of 9 minutes. He also becomes 1st As.Vogel in the regional association. The blood of our master couple flows in these pigeons. As another example of the outstanding achievements in 2022, I have to mention the siblings 5641-19-1037W and their brother the "1038". Both fly 12/11 prizes with high ace points. The "1037W" even became 1st ace female in the regional association 503.

Achievements 2022


1st RV year old champion


1st Regional Champion Intern

1.Reg. AS-Vogel

1st reg. AS females

3rd German association champion


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