Brugmans, Sabrina


Super pigeons on the middle distance and the national flights.
1. National AS pigeon large medium-haul year 2014.

New Love brings the national AS-pigeon!


Stephan Machiels and Sabrina Brugmans - the successful duo from of Halen.


The Limburg city Halen is located near the border with the province of Antwerp. It has about 9,000 inhabitants and about 30 farmers operate the pigeon sport. Halen is known for the "battle of the silver Helmets". In 2014, the armed confrontation between German and Belgian 1.Weltkrieg-Kämpfern to the 100ten was time.

Today, pigeon fanciers fight for honor and glory by peaceful means. Undisputed number 1 is Sabrina Brugmans, dominated with her husband Stephan Machiels at all levels here. The highlight was winning in successful travel 2014 title 1 national AS pigeon large medium-haul for the year.

Stephan Machiels formerly played with his father, and when he died, he played another three years from the old shock system on his behalf. But he prepared parallel switching to the own House. There Sabrina Brugmans was played under the name of his wife... until today. On the new impact system the success went sharply up to national TOP services.


The full racing lofts - left the old pigeons, right the youngsters.


Here a small selection of the national rankings:
4. NAT. Master halve Fund boy KBDB
10 NAT. Master short-haul boy KBDB
European AS pigeon Mira (Portugal)
12 NAT. Master halve Fund boy KBDB
2. NAT. Master halve Fund boy KBDB
4. NAT. AS pigeon halve Fund boy KBDB
8th NAT. Master halve Fund boy KBDB
2015 |
3. NAT. AS pigeon halve Fund yearlings KBDB
7th NAT. Champion small halve Fund yearlings KBDB
10 NAT. Master halve Fund boy KBDB
13th NAT. Master short-distance KBDB
1. NAT. AS pigeon grote halve Fund yearlings KBDB


The Dove Foundation

The now successful pigeon stock in the first place was rebuilt with pigeons by father of Machiels. A blow with pigeons without a well-known name but always reinforced by absolute performance pigeons from the neighborhood. From 2011, pigeons were then introduced Hall of Gaston Van de Wouwer of Berlaar, Jo and RAF Herbots, and with Roger Buvens from locomotive mountains some animals were traded together to breed. Reinforcement was brought when Henri and Danny Van Avondt in Haacht.


Total widower

Sabrina Brugmans started at the beginning of the season 2014 with a team of 24 pairs of travel and 100 youngsters. It was extraordinary that the racers were not paired up before the season. In March, the trip pairs for 4 days were left together and immediately even trained. It is here in Halen of think that this procedure from the first day of the season on a high level of motivation of racers is and the pigeons are not distracted by nest and rearing. In addition, the absolute top form comes later in the year. This plays in order successfully to feed the national flights, in the cards.

Because the price lists show that females are much more successful than the birds you decided to travel in the travel year 2015 only with females.



AS pigeons get a special place of honor.


How do you run the females?

The racing hens sit during the week in a "rest stroke". Here one has used the system of Gaston Van de Wouwer. The females sitting in a seat rack which is designed, that they cannot see. On the floor attached elastic straps that prevent a permanent sitting on the floor. Be fed the pigeons a large Board is tilted from the side wall to the bottom and then serves as a feeding table. After feeding, this is tilted back upwards and attached to the wall. The females played every week. Three times a week they have been trained. Regardless of they have to for 1 to 1 1/2 fly daily evening intensive hours at the House. On the day of the females against 15:00 come to national flights (Thursday) to their birds. After an hour, they come back on their rest stroke and are again fed and watered. So prepared they will be basked. They come from the race home stay until the next morning with her partner.



The females in their quiet shock sit here


New Love brings the national AS Dove

The female was the culmination of the season 2014 "CHARLOTTE" Large won the title of 1st National AS-pigeon Mittelstecke year olds. Here, a special story played a role. In the week before the race from Soisson, the female when together with the birds chose another partner. Apparently, she was tired of the old love and was looking for change.
After a few days, Stephen, noticed that "Charlotte" had and soon had to lay an egg. It was decided to let the racers back together on Wednesday and "CHARLOTTE" her second egg laid her first egg at her new partner and on Friday. On Sunday, she flew price from Soissons.
Now Sabrina and Stefan put another "Schüppe it" and increased the eggs to 5 eggs. "CHARLOTTE" It was so crazy that she just came for eating and drinking even when feeding. What is special about this story is that both "Charlotte", your new and your old partner on the eggs hatched. Probably, this was their special motivation to win on a nest with 6-day eggs the 35th Prize national Bourges against 10.141 pigeons and to make clear to the title of national AS-pigeon.



8 zone C1 Bourges 5777 pigeons
14th zone C1 Argenton 4944 pigeons
16 zone C1 Bourges 2980 pigeons
18 NAT. Argenton 27.267 pigeons
22 zone C1 Montluçon 2268 pigeons
27th NAT. Bourges 30.180 pigeons
27 zone C1 tours 3455 pigeons
28 zone C1 Montluçon 4020 pigeons
29 zone C1 Bourges 5144 pigeons
31 zone C1 Bourges 4977 pigeons
35. NAT. Bourges 10.141 pigeons
39. zone C1 la Souterraine 2132 pigeons
40. NAT. Châteauroux 5884 pigeons
41. zone C1 Argenton 4944 pigeons
43. NAT. Bourges 24.019 pigeons
44. zone C1 Chateauroux 3844 pigeons
48. zone C1 Chateauroux 1713 pigeons
50th NAT. Bourges 22.663 pigeons
54. zone C1 la Souterraine 2132 pigeons
57. zone C1 Chateauroux 3972 pigeons
61. NAT. Argenton 27.267 pigeons
88-NAT. Tours 24.097 pigeons
92e NAT. Châteauroux 5884 pigeons
94 zone C1 Poitiers 1443 pigeons


The special AS of the shock is the female "BLUE AS". It is fantastic what has won this exceptional female 2012 and 2013 over the years.

It WINS not less than 5 x 1st prize and the following AS deaf titles.

  1. Provincial AS pigeon halve Fund of youngsters KBDB Limburg 2012
  2. AS national Taubef halve Fund of youngsters KBDB 2012
  3. Halve AS pigeon Fund yearlings Obrafo 2013
  4. Int.Prov AS pigeon halve Fund year-old Petit Club Fleurus 2013
  5. Halve national AS Dove Fund yearlings KBDB 2013

Today the exception Dove sits "BLUE AS" on the breeding loft.




Young pigeons

The 1st and 2nd round of youngsters from the breeders will be kept and very quickly to go sexes separately in two separate strikes. The young guard is obscured from the middle of March until June 10. Is exposed from the 1st of June until the end of the season. At the end of the season, the boys are so still on 7 to 8 springs. So, it is intended that the youngsters get culminating performance on national flights.
The youngsters prepare flights take place at short intervals. They have been trained three times with the car up to 30 km itself, twice, they will be basked in the Club, then they fly six short-haul flights then to participate in the national flights. Between the national flights is not trained. The sexes are separated during the season and come together before the Einkorben first for an hour, and in the later part of the season, for 2 or 3 hours. To increase the motivation, cartons in the strike provided prior to the Einkorben. The boys are trained in the week once a day (at night) for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Only during the annual vacation of Stephan is trained twice a day.


Medical supply

Beginning of March gekurt racers for 12 days with para stop or a product by veterinarian Schröder. Also the youngsters against paratyphoid were treated in the year 2014. A week before the start of the season is gekurt 7 days against cancer with BS from Belgica De Weerd. Every 3 weeks is treated against cancer with 1/4 Flagyl. Before the start of the racing season, old and young pigeons against respiratory tract infections get a special Dove product. It dribbles all racers before the Einkorben eye drops on a natural basis.


The blow

It is a blow, "second hand" was played on the at the old location well. The alignment is to the South East and the greater part of the day in direct sunlight. He has a large saddle roof inside with an open ceiling of the process. A classical dome on the roof ensures the air vent. In each stroke compartment, there is a device which automatically sucks in the air. During the season, the intake of the air to fifteen minutes per hour is limited. The result can be felt especially in warm weather. On the floor in front of the seating there are plates that are connected with a hygrometer. They are set to a humidity of 60 to 65 percent throughout the year. The climate on the shock is very well... even in very humid weather.

Brugmans young

The youngsters on straw are visibly happy.


The breeding loft

Only performance pigeons from own breeding and purchased animals of best performance beats sitting here. Sabrina and Stephan mating their breeding pigeons especially after intuition. The eyes play a very important role. A good breeding eye has a grained IRIS, points and lines, and a wide circle. Performance pigeons with poorer breeding eyes are mated with pigeons with the best eyes. The breeding and travel achievements are since this method is applied constantly improved.



For breeding pigeons are selected for eyes and the journey results are crucial for the choice of racing pigeons. For the old birds, not the number of prices is crucial but the number of top prizes in the first one-tenth of the price list. Even better in the first hundredths. Of the 48 old racers such as 16 are kept. Of the 100 young pigeons, 45 have been retained. But when the young pigeons, one should be careful, think the success breeder from of Halen. It is not uncommon that youngsters are the best with little performance as a year old. Young Dove game has much to do with motivation. Stephan Machiels: "I like a dove that sits comfortably in the hand, a pigeon with a good balance. You need to have an eye for the environment, just a wise head and certainly a very short rear wing. A dove, which consists of two parts will certainly have no chance with us. It happens more than once, that youngsters survive when selecting which meet these criteria."

brugmans winner 2015

Sabrina Brugmans

Ansembroekstraat 1

3545 Halen

Phone: 0032 477982891




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