Louis Vangramberen† & Frank shearing


Louis Vangramberen & Frank shearing

an impressive pigeon-Empire!


(On 1 December 2015, our friend Louis Vangramberen at the age of 68 years is suddenly and unexpectedly died for all. We will never forget him and keep his memory in honor.)

Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market

At the top are the black tiger Leopard spotting

Who doesn't know him? He was the probably the most famous Belgian auctioneers and journalists in the pigeon sport. The speech is by Louis Vangramberen. The name is a synonym for first-rate pigeons - made in Belgium for decades. In the glory years of the Belgian pigeon sport, he auctioned pigeons from the most famous growers like Verstraete, Engels, Thone, Imbrecht, Dr. Peeters, van Derma Elen, Desmet-Matthijs, Slaets, IGO and Daniel van Ceulebroeck and many more. Over 25 years was editor of the well-known Louis "de Duivensport Belgian". He is single and went out in his carrier on each top stroke. At this time, all as pigeons went through his hands. It is a fabulous story that looking back today.

Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market ONexpo


The man Louis Vangramberen

In his career, he never was a person who himself has rested on its laurels. His tutor in the pigeon sport was Stan Raeymakers from emblem. It was also the pigeons from this gold mine which put the foundation stone in the active Brieftaubenkariere by Louis Vangramberen and Georges Vanroosendael –. The basic pigeons were "Chanel" x "José". At this time the 1st national Bourges (female list), 1 was won Gouden Vleugel Barcelona (with a female) and alone 48 first prizes of 100 to 1000 km, alone in 1995.


Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market ONexpo 2


Moving in Wallonia in the year 2006

Family Vangramberen found a suitable plot of land on which sufficient should be place for a new building and a great blow plant available in Wallonia. Despite over 60 years of age, chose Louis and his wife Jose, this major step to go. On the same property, then the home of daughter Karen and son-in-law Frank was shearing. Since then, the new domicile is located in Pietrain / Jodoigne, located not far from the city of Liège. A new breed of pigeon was formed right here in the rural tranquillity, that causes a sensation around the world.


Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market ONexpo 3


Methodology and entrepreneurial spirit

There were several men of his caliber, then the pigeon sport would get today a more progressive character. Louis Vangramberen has never rested, always continued. Here was the "Pietrain Dove" at the new site. In Germany, these pigeons as "Tiger Pinto" are known. The naming of "Pietrain" comes from the "Pietrain pigs", these are indicated by the black and white coloring of their fur. Louis had bred while long purely white homing pigeons, but he appealed to the challenge to try something new. Started to get black pigments into plumage, pigeons from Alfons Slaets (line: "Zwarte Panther" by Raoul and Xavier Verstraete) resorted to. By his German friend Kurt Pretzner got Louis pigeons from the line of "De Zwarte Eijerkamp" and "black label gold rush"). They were pigeons from world class! These pigeons were largely crossed with the white doves of "Witte Koning Albert" and "Witte Louis" (hero-dove on the DBA 2007). With these matings, the new "Pietrain Dove" was born. A new success story began.

Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market ONexpo 4

Louis Vangramberen Brieftauben Market ONexpo 5


The performances can be seen!

The color of course says nothing about quality. Now success messages by enthusiastic breeders from many countries to arrive, the 2nd place at the FCI flight in Hungary is only secondary. Sensation the message of the Polish breeder Robert Henkel, which einkorbte a tiger check to Barcelona and noted him as first dove in Poland 2011 of Barcelona. Currently, Louis reached a success message from Poland. Breeder Zbignieuw Boguski from Szcytno (region of Masuria) WINS on 8 June 2013 against 2,680 pigeons (520 km) the first bankruptcy. The "Tiger Pinto" very well when the local mayor Waldemar Trochhimiuk fly.
It is clear that the "Tiger"Pinto henceforth success story.

Further national and international successes are strung:

Vangramberen Janecek 2014

Jan Janecek is successful with the Vangramberen Tiger pied cattle for years

Vangramberen Judy and Frank 2014

Judy and Frank shearing – in Asia you are “Tiger Pinto” very much in demand!

Vangramberen knofhe 2014

G. Knofhe from Fudabrink-thorn Hagen is excited about the “PIET RAINS”

Vangramberen melhing 2014

Thomas Mehling of Slides Hausen successful with the pigeons by Louis Vangramberen.

You are so “Tiger Pinto” in the fellow er wrestler last 3 years by 2 gold medals!

by Rolf Schlömer for www.brieftauben-Markt.de


Vangramberen 2015 herbots


Auction 2015 vangramberen with text

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