HERMANS – BONNE from locomotive mountains (B)

1.Preise as on the production line...

138 x 1st prize in the last 4 years – all without duplication.


Wim Bonne and Roger Hermans - first prizes are your passion!

Loco hills is a village located in the Belgian province of Limburg and a part of town of the city Halen directly to the border of Flemish Brabant.

This area is one of the strongholds of the Belgian pigeon sport. Here current top breeders cross the pigeon sporting knives every week. Sabrina Brugmans, Rudy Serre, Roger Buvens are just a few national belonging to the first address.

We here in locomotive mountains in the impact community of Roger Hermans and Wim Bonné speed specialists of par excellence. The father-in-law/son-in-law is hard to beat for years both the short and the medium-haul flights of 100 km to 450 km tandem. But not only 1st prizes her mark on the impact but also the Championships at all levels. So you was Emperor in Herk-de-Stad in 2014 for the fifth time in a row more generally.

In the year 2013 was an absolute highlight with the bird “OLYMPIC STEPPE”, which was second Olympiad pigeon category A in Nitra.


In 2014, it was in the footsteps of the new superstar of the beat called "DE HOLLANDER", of the "OLYMPIC STEPPE" occurs.

After "DE HOLLANDER" was already 2nd National crack pigeon Duivenkrant-year-old he surpassed its one year later in the year 2014 own performance and became 1st National crack pigeon Duivenkrant.

Exceptional pigeons often have their own history, including "DE HOLLANDER":

For years a German breeder of Jürgen Raj, however playing in the Netherlands comes to visit to Lok Bergen, to buy some youngsters. So also in the year 2012. Only on this day he brought 2 young pigeons from his breeding loft as a gift, to thank for the good pigeons and the hospitality. One of them is the so-called "DE HOLLANDER", contributed significantly to the success of the Super in the year 2014.

Successes 2014

5.Nationaler master halve Fund

13.Nationale AS pigeon halve Fund

2.Provinzialer master Limburg halve Fund old

2.Provinzialer master Limburg Fund boy

6.Provinzialer master Limburg halve foundations years

1.Meister old Limburgse Fund Club

1.as-Taube halve Fund Duivenkrant

1.Meister halve Fund LCB

2.as-Taube halve Fund LCBe

1.Allgemeiner master of Geetbets boy


Root structure

Which is located at the base of the present stock "Vale Stamvader" B-5052223/98. The descendants of this la have already lost in the 3rd generation of performance and power of inheritance. To the descendants of this bird were mostly pigeons by Sabrina Brugmans from Halen; Spilsteyns – Vandenhove Kersbeek and Raymond de Haes of Baal mated. Most are managed these matings and rows top pigeons, especially 1 price flyer and again very good breeders, have been. From Raymond De Haes, pigeons were purchased initially but now a good friendship is formed. Today, pigeons for the benefit of both punches exchanged regularly.


Roger Hermans in his element...


System widower

The travel team is currently 35 racers, 16 for the short-haul and 19 for the medium-haul. Today, they are on separate strikes, to avoid errors. The pigeons of the short-haul flights are on Saturday, that the middle distance pigeons on Sunday.

The pigeons of both strikes are mated late November along with the breeders and breed 2 young pigeons. No more coupling takes place prior to the season. During the winter, the racers get no free flight. Starting March 1st training once a day at the House, and as soon as the clock on daylight saving time will be converted to switch to training twice a day.

Because the beatings for temperature fluctuations were vulnerable you were here in locomotive mountains ATX thermal panels installed. Roger and Wim confirm that this was a very good decision, because the animals are especially in spring in the uniform form and thank this with excellent flight results.


Motivation of the widower

The females due to the different usage days at the Einkorben didn't show earlier than the short and middle distance pigeons at once were. Since they sit on two strokes appear the females always for a short time.

So I can catch them more easily. A difference in performance was never found. It is also irrelevant whether the birds see their females longer or shorter.", so, Wim Bonné summarizes the procedure.

In the first 3 months of the season, the females remain after the flight for an hour in the birds. After that, the time is extended.

You have to know that the pigeons from March starting every week in the basket go until August 15.

Young pigeons

Earlier, the youngsters were not obscured, but today this is done.

All youngsters be vaccinated against smallpox, only the youngsters.

The first and second breeding sitting in separate strokes. Also here were now ATX thermal plates installed and the youngsters feel visually. After the second race, the boys are separated for gender. Opens the door for an hour before the Einkorben, after the flight, they remain together until evening.

The youngsters are trained once a day. Starts with the first breeding and then it goes round way.



Here you trust now the feed mixes of VANROBAEYS. Various mixtures of breeding and sport blends in the travel time as different are mixed in the breeding time. This is true both for the old and the young pigeons.


Super diet or cleansing blend not be here on the agenda.

A pigeon that must fly every week and trained every day must get every day good food, to bring their performance.", so the two breeders.

The widowers are exclusively individually fed in their cells.

"So the pigeon-breeder relationship is strengthened. This can be very important for success. " Roger Hermans describes his lengthy breeder experience. "They have two daily peanuts and seeds as a"Gift".

To deal with additional products here very sparingly in locomotive mountains. Two times a week garlic is pressed through the feed itself and regularly Sedochol is also added in the feed.


Medical supply

The year-round care is carried out under direction of RAF Herbots. Before travel and Zuchsaison check all the pigeons on their State of health. Are not satisfactory results during the season is visited RAF Herbots.

After the racing season during the moulting period, the pigeons are much in the fresh air in the aviaries, and no drugs whenever possible. "A 10-day cure against paratyphoid is important but immediately after the season.", so Roger Hermans. "So bring your own Germs at Bay are held by the flights and ensures a smooth Mauser. The first step for a successful new season."

Still interesting: racers are not mated after the season!

Also during the season as well as no medicines are used. Prior to the season the rice pigeons are released on the recommendation of the vet's of Trichomonads and rhinitis agents - that's enough.

"It should be necessary E.g. after a heavy rain flight with cold head winds so we do something with the product Suanovil, but preferably not." so the champions from locomotive mountains.

In Hermans-Bonné pigeon sport is still family sport. Perhaps that is the next to the excellent pigeons material, the formula for success for decades of successful pigeon racing. Another tip: if pendants red pigeon color is who will come here in Loksbergen their money. Very nice and very good.

auktion 2015 good hermans

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