The story of Leo of forth Emans - first class pigeons, a healthy mind of pigeon and a simple and good care.

heremans leo 2015
Leo Hamilton herremans from Vorselaar (B) - a master of his craft

The history of the Leo of forth Emans

It seems like out of a fairy tale … the pigeon story of Leo of forth Emans. Once a lonely pigeon sat on the stairs leading to the terrace. The children took pity on this poor guy, who had lost his way. They tried to catch the pigeon, and eh you know he sat “prodigal son” in a bird cage. … and four weeks later he was still there!
"But a pigeon is too little," argued the children in the home of forth Emans. So they went with the father on the market in Herentals. Leo knew no difference between a blue and a hammered Dove at this time. So, some pigeons were bought, a black, a white, a red. When they came home but no suitable place, certainly not a pigeon loft was present. Believe it or not – they got their place in the basement of the House.
Pol Huysmans (spouse of Marina Van de Velde) in the House of made Emans was two weeks later, to seal off the window of the House and he heard pigeons cooing. He asks Leo: “Are you deaf?” Yes, of course, Leo, answered here in the basement. Pol reacted immediately and said: "I give you two pigeons which I have too much".
Meanwhile, the pigeons moved, the chicken coop was divided. On the one hand the chickens – on the other side of the pigeons. A breeder in the neighbourhood came one day to see the pigeons. They were sitting side by side on a pole in the hen house properly and as he entered the stall he was prompt to welcome "wet droppings" on the pants. He had seen enough.
Louis Claes, so the name of the neighbors and even successful pigeon fanciers asked at the coffee, if Leo wanted to not begin to play with pigeons. If this is the plan, advised Louis Claes, should everyone else be abolished on the two animals from pole. So it was done, and Leo took some Spätjunge from the Lierer market and bought some animals when Louis Claes. This was in 1977.

Success from the start!

The 1978 season was the start and Leo started with 15 youngsters. From the two pigeons pol Huysmans, Leo had a bird who just won 14 prizes. Just some good pigeons came also from the pigeons by Louis Claes. Only a year later, in 1979, Leo Hamilton herremans champion year olds on the noyon was flights and – a new “Champion” was born.
The trail went further and Leo bought pigeons from here and there … If they had flown just fine. Among these were Ducheyne-Scheers of Vorselaar and Karel Voorts from bottle. In 1986, Leo was already 2 General masters in Vorselaar.
At a funfair, Leo met then Marcel mols. Both had been drinking already too much beer. Marcel claimed that, if he would play with the pigeons by Leo Hamilton herremans, would be far more successful than Leo now. A year later he repeated again this challenge on the same occasion. Leo made nails with heads and now Leo and Marcel played named forth Emans – Mols from 1986 to 1997. This was seriously ill and Marcel died.
Leo had lost his stroke caregivers.
Friends helped Leo in supplying strike and were paid with a few pigeons. One of them was Karel Ceusters and the tandem of made Emans/Ceusters played together from 1997 until 2006, up to the total sales at the highest level.
The pigeons were sold in March 2007. The pair formed the exception “Nieuwe Rossi” and “Eenoogske” as well as the "Safier", which "in to" were offered.

heremans1 new rossi

heremans1 far

All master and base pigeons, as well as the successful travel animals of the shock were on sale: “Wonder Aske"(1 as Duif Antwerpse Fund Club), B-99 / 166 (9 x 1st prize), B 01 / 426 (4 x 1st prize) or “The euro” (2 x 1st prize and 1 West European as Duif). The list of as pigeons is almost endless!

02/220 was exemplary at this point also the B “Jan” called. This bird from the top plane B 00/444 (7 x 1st prize and 2nd nat. As-Duif, Snelheid Ave Regina 2001) in connection with a female by Jan Diels ()“Blauwe Kampiontje") won alone in 2002 a total of 25 cost (3 x 1) and 1 as Duif Snelheid, Duivenkrant, and 1 was (nat. As Duif (nat. Ave Regina. The “Jan” by Marina van de Velde and Paul Huysmans bought and bred again later when Leo Hamilton herremans, just like his father of the "444".

heremans jan

Leo had intended to breed boy from the very few preserved pigeons and to give this to a few friends. Leo's son-in-law Gert further urged Leo with pigeons to play. But after two pigeon thefts and the death of his wife, Leo needed time. But 18 youngsters were housed, grown Aviary at Gert in one at his house. Leo went each week to the animals, to examine them and to give advice on breeding.
Leo's blow supervisor Hugo and sea mountains had helped Leo in the time prior to the sale. For this, he received eggs from the best pigeons.
They sat in an Aviary at Hugo's carpentry. One day has told Hugo during a visit at Leo Hamilton herremans, that he is still 18 boy, but that he would have even no place more. In short, this beeper went to the empty by selling beats Leo. This awakened the pigeon fanciers in him again. Hugo was now all pigeons from the then egg which not were airlifted to at him, Leo. Moreover, the participation in the B was 01/6455003 “Olympiad” (2. nat. Ass-Taube Snelheid KBDB 2002 and Olympic bird Lievin 2003) of Gust Janssen (Beerse) a guarantee of a successful re-entry. This meant the new beginning in 2007.

heremans1 olympiade03

In particular the descendants of the "Olympiade03" have their mark on the stock. 30 sons and daughters of this la times sat on the breeding loft in Vorselaar.

The first top pigeon of the 2008 season was undoubtedly the B 08/6050137 “Dubbel Aske” (from:) “Safier”, Son “Olympiad”, x B 07 / 527, daughter “Jan”). “Dubbel Aske” was 1 as Duif Union Antwerp, small Fund and 1 as-Duif Zuiderkempen, small Fund.
Heremans double aske2

The widower

Leo of forth Emans started the season with 30 widowers, 80 youngsters and 35 breeding pairs. The season ended for the widower of mid-August. Bird and bred but not boys stayed together for females.
The first coupling took place on February 1. 5-10 days to hatch. Important – the widower bred never young during her flight career! The second coupling was carried out on March 1. – back hatch 5 to 10 days – and then the training began. In 5 levels up to 45 km. Then, the team was ready for the new season.
The racing team was divided. 10 birds flew every week Quiévrain 10 other pigeons, each week of noyon. 6 pigeons were regularly played on the middle distance and the small long distance. Leo played in two premises of usage. “Het Tienverbond” and “Vierduifkes”. Maximum of 4 pigeons per category (old and yearlings) per flight were played.
Leo of forth Emans is a classic player of the widower. The females were shown before and if enough time was not. After the return of the flight, the birds and females 1 to 2 hours stayed together. The food was not so important in itself but the manner of feeding to more! The widower had always sports mix. Leo is the opinion that feed change E.g. on diet food or clean feed poison to the pigeons. All the pigeons, young and old, were fed individually in her cell so much they wanted! They were fed with a spoon. A spoon into 10 parts, the content will be available. You need everything to eat. A grain remains is final. Principle is principle! No peanuts or other goodies were fed. On Friday evening was fed extra corn and Saturday morning was fed corn first and then the usual assortment of sports. Red minerals and Vita mineral were provided with generous hand.
The team trained twice a day, around 8: 00 and 18: 00. They flew every time an hour. At the beginning of the season with the flag. The training is very important for Leo! Especially flying out from the shock. It must be made very quickly and with great speed and when Leo from the blow, the pigeons must be not more to see. You have to fly like rockets! And then when they come back, you have to shoot them on their impact and move "like an eel”, you said here in Vorselaar.
The training behavior is the indicator for the form. Who not swift comes after training in the strike risked the usage on a medium - or even long haul flights! After a bad flight, a training flight was inserted in the week.
And here for the connoisseur! On each stroke of the widower, but 10 pigeons were housed in 9 boxes! The 10 widower had his "apartment" in a box on the bottom of the shock! He was usually the head on the ground and kept the other widowers in their own boxes. A great motivation!

The young pigeons

Leo played exclusively with the first breeding. The boys were dropped off at the age of 20 to 25 days. The young pigeons were separated immediately after the beating of young birds sexes and females are 10 metres apart.
It was from weaning until eclipsed the first June week from 18: 30 until 08:30. After that was exposed in one fell swoop. The pigeons flew not better, could be played but longer.
As soon as the boys correctly moved they were trained. You were trained 5 times privately and were then used in the associations. The boys on three strikes were distributed during the season. 15 male flew on the favourite blow from Quiévrain, the other shock was only from noyon played by a further blow was played from noyon and on the medium-haul.
The 15 birds of Quievrain shock were mated with old females and widower played. On the first Monday in June, these young birds got an old females. Have 30 to 40 percent of the couples eggs was again separated and converted to widower. This young widower trained then twice a day a full hour.
The two other strikes were “celibate” played. The females mated himself sometimes, which is not bad. But Leo preferred the game with the young widowers.

here mans with young
The connection between breeders and pigeon was strengthened from the time of weaning. The boys were used in their nesting Bowl on the young pigeon loft and all came together on a large Board 1.30 metres above the floor. The young pigeons ate from there out of the hands of the breeder and not from a common feeding trough. So they are very early tame, and they forget that their whole lives. They are 25 days old, they were used on the floor and got out to continue to eat your hand. In this way, they are used only in the hands of the breeder and Leo could take the pigeons after the return from the flight of the trip.

Little medicine

After the season was waived on medicines. Occasionally has been treated against paratyphoid, however only with powder. On the eggs of the second clutch tablets Flagyl was treated for cancer with a ¼!
During the season, then if a pigeon not had enough in hand, they got on Monday after the return even a ¼ pill Flagyl. This happened usually 2 or 3 times in the season. Usually nothing has been done against respiratory tract infections.

"Drugs are only for sick pigeons" as the motto of Leo.

Many minerals and free record twice in the week ROPA-B liquid of Ropapharm drinking water. "In addition to a quality food supply enough doves. for good", so Leo of forth Emans.

The breeding loft

The pigeon colony of Leo Hamilton herremans is primarily the following origins:

Maurice Hasendonckx, Bouwel (B)
After initially purchased a voucher Leo realized when you pick up the young pigeon, the quality of the stock. According to their assessment, Leo ordered a complete round of the breeders.

Jan Diels, Vorselaar (B)
Leo of forth Emans bought the exceptional pigeons on the total sale “Blauw Kampioentje” and “Donkere Diels”. Came from two pigeons AS doves in series.

J.L.N. Houben, Itegem (B) a grandson of the famous “Sony”, even 2nd national in 1985, was Asduif H.z KBDB on the root development of importance.

Dirk van Dyck, Zandhoven (B)
Three brothers of the “Kannibaal”, even 1 national Asduif H.z KBDB 1996, the tribal structure significantly influenced.

Gust Jansen, Beerse (B)
Many breeders all over the world wanted the “Olympiade03” buy gust, but he remained in Belgium. Leo of forth Emans acquired the "half" breeding rights of Gust Janssen. So he spent “Olympiade03” the one month in Leo and the other at gust. The descendants of the “Olympiad” form as the descendants of "JAN" the "red thread" in the breeding stock of Leo Hamilton herremans.

The breeding loft by Leo Hamilton herremans was a treasure trove of extra class. The exception of couples 'Nieuwe Rossi ” x ” Eenoogske “, “Safier” x “Daughter Jan” , “Power” x “Sister Natalia”, “Beautiful” x “Daughter Olympiad” and many more couples who all carry the best fro Emans blood, delivered AS pigeons in series on the own beat, but, and this was the quality of the breeding stock, also on many other hits in Belgium, Germany and Holland and the rest of the world.

In particular also the “Favorites / pair” formed from the B-06/698 (Thijmen van Eynde, Wezep – NL) x "daughter of"Jan"coined the stock. They were the parents of several AS pigeons. So is also the mother of the "Nieuwe Olympics" a daughter of this couple.

Direct children are the B-08-6050116, which 1st AS-pigeon who became Union Antwerp in 2008. Her brothers 214-09 were his nest brother of 215-09 4 AS pigeon from Quievrain 2010 and the 145-09 even 1st AS pigeon on the flights departing from Quiévrain 2010, 1st AS pigeon noyon.

heremans superduifje B-08-6050116

Four AS pigeons directly from a pair and a grandson who became Olympic pigeon, one not often takes in the pigeon sport.

Last addition he original developed Koopman birds “GALANTOS”, a son of the “Mr. Ermerveen” x “Dream Lady” as an absolute slam dunk. He was grandfather of the “NIEUWE OLYMPIAD” and then father of the "OLYMPIC SPERWER". Two Olympiad pigeons from a bird also an exception.

heremans galantos2 heremans olympic sperwer

Leo Hamilton herremans pigeons on different strokes

On the Olympiad in Poland in January 2011, in addition to his own were alone 7 pigeons as Olympic pigeons, "Nieuwe Olympiad", by Leo Hamilton herremans come from breeding pigeons.

That probably never was there!

But above all it is the grandson – Generation of pigeons sold in 2007, which guaranteed many German as international top breeders, two-digit year results, AS pigeons title and first prizes.

The incomplete list shows the top players Wolfgang Roeper, Dirk de Beer, SG Hagedorn – Becker, Martin Stiens, SG cutter Sakamoto, Willi and Bert Heidemann, Eijerkamp & Sons, Marina van de Velde, Willem de Bruijn, Kas Meijers, H. Doldersum en Zn, used Van Toor, Premier pigeon Stud, stickers Donckers, Dirk van Dyck and and and…

Marina van der Velde wins in 2015 the 1st Prize National Gueret Old against 12.516 pigeons and fastest against 28,778 pigeons with a granddaughter of 'jan',.

To highlight the performance of Wolfgang Roeper. Wolfgang Roeper had always been a 'nose' for the good pigeon from Belgium. His path led him in 1997 to Leo Hamilton herremans. And this then over many years. Wolfgang Roeper is 1st national champion 2010 essentially with the breeding pigeons and original pigeons by Leo Hamilton herremans. The two original deaf B-08-233 and B-08-235 contributed to this unique success. So flew the "235" 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3., 4., 5., 5., 8, 8, 12, 13, 16 Prize and the "233" 2, 4, 4, 7, 9, 10, 14, 14, 16, 32, 36. price.

Better, it could have the B-10-6146241, a son of the "Jan Roeper" by Leo Hamilton herremans. This bird was 1 Olympiad pigeon allround in Nitra and 2012 2nd National AS-pigeon in Wolfgang Roeper 2013.

Also in 2015, Wolfgang Roeper 1st National champion year.

heremans jan roeper1 heremans roeper 241 sohn jan roeper

"Jan Roeper" is also the father of „Bourges Best“, A female that was played at Herbots and the 2nd National Bourges against 14,598 pigeons flew and now increasingly the breeding blows at Herbots.

Or just think of the great one-two by Helmut KÖSTER from Balve on the national race from Hemau in 2011. Helmut KÖSTER won 1st and 2nd Prize against more than 54,000 pigeons with two “halben” Heremännern.

The pigeons 10 commandments of Leo of forth Emans!

(1) the good pigeon … soft springs and lineage are important. You can see the rest in the price list!
(2) a pigeon in top shape train a lot without any problems … Young as well as old.
(3) good teaching is important … between flights 1 x a week the youngsters get away.
(4) the breeding loft is the heart of the pigeon colony … You must invest in good pigeons otherwise this song is sung too quickly.
(5) the supply must not just in time take place, but very good.
(6) don't overdo it hygiene on the beat … 1 x daily … but thoroughly.
(7) selection … bahadori … stay up only 15 of 30 old birds … keep 20 of 80 youngsters!
(8) feeding system keep not too complicated, but always the same system!
(9) medical treatments … very little … usually not a vet, but if there is serious immediately to the vet go!
(10) team spirit … actually I have to get one in place! I've had little time for the birds and it was not possible without Hugo and pole!

The "provisional end?" the dream career

In 2013, the "provisional" end of a career in pigeon fanciers came looks for their peers. Leo of forth Emans sold its entire breeding stock for a unprecedented record amount of EUR 4.3 million. The bird alone “BOLT”, 2012 was the 1st National AS Dove at the youngsters, went to China for 310,000 euros.

heremans bolt1

Since but can't live without pigeons 4 pairs were "in to" offered with the result that the "Galantos" and the "Jan Roeper" when Leo Hamilton herremans in Vorselaar stayed and today take care of offspring.

Likewise, Leo could still children and siblings of “Bolt” to back up.

Even today, the demand for Leo is so great that he can breed so many pigeons as he could give.

Leo has bought on the Belgian coast for himself and his family an apartment, to spend time to time holiday. This, and the fact that life was very hard as demand worldwide breeders, Leo can now very calm and relaxed approach and only sporadically attend Bet flights pigeon racing.

But he can give. With very little played pigeons he scored exceptional successes in the year 2016th

Currently Leo Heremans is in 2016:

3.Nationaler champion KBDB National flights youngsters in 2016

2.Allgemeiner provincial KBDB champion KBDB 2016

5.Provinzialer Master snelheid Young KBDB 2016

9.Provinzialer Alte Meister speed KBDB 2016

1.Provinziale AS Dove Old and years of snelheid KBDB 2016

However, the time came quite quickly that the health of Leo Heremans a Pigeon breeding on their own no longer permits.

So now all pigeons including impact plant were sold to Leo Xuan. The old birds have now been auctioned both in China and in Europe and Leo Xuan traveling with the offspring of the old Heremans beats under the name XUAN Hanping successful in Vorsselar. A blow nurses looked after the pigeons and Leo Heremans can at least see the pigeons fly around the blow.

Now again to come one of the last opportunities to original pigeons from Leo Heremans.

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