Bt Amin forte - indispensable for the regeneration phase

In order to effectively regenerate the pigeons after the flight support, essential amino acids and electrolytes should be used will.

Electrolytes can help prepare for the next race, can be used from the middle to the end of the week.

In addition, the targeted administration of essential amino acids is important.
Through the intense strain on the muscles during flight it comes to Micro-injuries to muscle fibers. Quickly available amino acids can effectively support the reparation mechanisms.

The right time is particularly important! That's how they should valuable amino acids together with the important carbohydrates already in the first two hours after intensive training or after be given to a race!
This will not only Glycogen stores quickly replenished, but also the necessary reparation mechanisms in place.

By administering individual amino acids or amino acid compounds are systematically important necessary amino acids for the organism, i.e “Body building blocks” provided without the body included to burden too much.

In addition, a "full amino acid store" can boost the immune system support and better protect the muscles from injury. Through the targeted supplement, the muscles show less signs of fatigue on. Additionally being better muscular as well as structural integrity described.

For this reason we recommend the administration of BT Amin forte as a supplement to the first drink on the day of the race.

BT Amin forte contains high-dose amino acids, important electrolytes and B vitamins.
the essential amino acids are readily available for the organism, accelerate regeneration and also relieve the liver.

The important B vitamins are essential for blood formation and nerve strengthening during the racing season.

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