The moult - a high performance for the metabolism – by Alfred Berger…

Preparations for the next travel season already begin with the end of the previous one and in this sense it is particularly important to strive for the smoothest possible moulting of the cover and small plumage.

It is undisputed that the moulting with a greatly increased need for the sulfuric acid-containing amino acids methionine and cystine - because the feather consists of approx. 8% sulfur-containing amino acids!
This in turn means that these amino acids have to be supplied through the diet for regeneration.

However, since the amount of food consumed daily is limited - pigeons, those who are fed full consume an average of 35 grams per day Forage - this extends the moulting period.

As a result, the pigeons react with an increased feed intake, which in turn leads to a decrease in performance and obesity.
However is a fast moult, partly due to the modern way of keeping of the darkened youngsters particularly desirable.

Support the moult optimally with methionine

So that the pigeons moult despite the low levels in the To cope with grain feed optimally, the supply with suitable Moulting preparations are added.
Particular attention should be paid to the methionine content, for example in the liquid feed supplement Pigeon gold is particularly high at 2%.

When comparing with powdered moulting aids, the Methionine content should also be considered in the dosage. Due to the Feed Ordinance, the methionine content must be specified. Products without this information should be avoided.
One Supplementary feeding of sulfur flowers (powdered sulfur), like it too is still recommended today, unfortunately brings nothing, as the pigeons in it contained sulfur cannot use.

Regardless of which moulting aid (source of methionine) you choose decides, it should be fed as regularly as possible, because the pigeons can only partially store the important amino acids will. However, as the feathers grow every day, they require continuously the building blocks necessary for growth.

Additional feeding can be done via the drinking trough or via the grain feed take place. Feeding via the drinker has the advantage that with the Most breeders nowadays have a daily cleaning of the drinker takes place and thus good hygiene is given. When giving over The feed should be ensured that the feed trough is regular is thoroughly cleaned.

Vitamins and minerals to support the metabolism

Since the moulting is a considerable burden for the pigeons in addition to methionine, the supply of essential vitamins particularly important. In this way, the metabolism is optimally supported.
Breeders are often offered special moulting packages for this. Pay attention to the vitamin supplements offered. Gervit-W Due to its very high content of all vitamins, it is particularly suitable in this phase to support the moult.

The supply of premium minerals should not be neglected now either. Diverse mineral mixtures are available for this purpose. In addition to the minerals and trace elements, some of these are refined with intestinal additives. If possible, small amounts of minerals should be fed daily. This is the only way to stimulate the pigeons to take in the necessary quantities in a targeted manner.
It is best to adjust the amount of minerals to the needs of the pigeons by only giving as much as can be eaten by the next day. In this way you enable the pigeons to absorb the ideal dose of vital minerals.

Her Alfred Berger
-Geschäftsführer Röhnfried-


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