Flanders collection…

-the best blood lines in Belgium!

Flanders Collection of Liedekerke possess the most exclusive group of Rauw-Sablon/Marcel Aelbrecht and Dirk van den Bulck pigeons worldwide.

Bruno Van den Brande and Yannick DeRidder, also under the name 'FLANDERS COLLECTION' Owners of the most important are known, De Rauw-Sablon and Marcel Aelbrecht Pigeon colony and world-wide known.

Their common goal: to include first-class pigeon material to the best and most famous shock of the world. What was initially closer than the necessary groundwork with the best de Rauw-Sablon and Marcel Aelbrecht to lay. You can probably undeniably say that barely a pigeon breed could reach so many national top placings in the last 20 years. Own today Flanders collection not less than 85 premium original pigeons of this breed has written history of homing pigeon and rewrites every year.

So, no less than 10 direct children sit on the impressive breeding loft in Liederkerke of BE00-4065848 still known as 'LUCKY 848'. Among these children and others the BE02 4247633 “National lucky ACE”. He is father of a national and a provincial winner.


She's also in the breeding loft in Flanders collection Blue Erica", bred from 'Blue Ace' x 'sister Dromer' and mother of two national winners.


More Ausnahmevererber classified in this exceptional Base:

– 2 daughters "Limoges" (Mother of 1/8,500 Bourges and 3×1st prize)

– 2 brothers "Asduifje 910/99"

– Tochter Kastaar x Aline ' 03

– Son “Smallen”
– Son Bak 17

– 2 daughters Bak 17
– Son "De Marseille" x "Fijn Blauw"

– 2 children "Brother Smallen 970/96" etc.


Now, who thinks that the two breeders of Bruno and Yannick "cultivate only a blow full of pigeons with best descent", is completely wrong. Here, too, the motto "Only performance counts". Breeders should bring no captive after two years they are removed at face value of good ancestry. Another indication that is very strictly selected is the fact that every year Frans Sablon itself selects the pigeons, mated and brings all his experience about his race.

"TOP ancestry u n d TOP performance here is the formula for success!


Here grow the breeders in spacious aviaries...

But the two very ambitious breeders on their travel and breeding successes is not to rest. Looking for best pigeon material in addition to their unique breeding stock, her gaze on Dirk van den fell Bulck from Grobbendonck. What did Bulck Belgian short-haul national Dirk van den in a few years is unique:

1.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2013 with "Coat"

1.Nationaler champion KBDB young pigeons 2013 "GREIPEL" and "SUPER SPRINT"

1.Olympiade pigeon Nitra class F 2013 with "OLYMPIC ROSITA"

4. National AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2012 with "OLYMPIC ROSITA"

6 national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2013 with "GREIPEL"

6 national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2010

9 national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2009

9 national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2011

11 national AS pigeon KBDB old pigeons sprint 2013

15 national AS pigeon KBDB old pigeons sprint 2013


Yannick DeRidder - the boss in the ring...

The van the Bulck are pigeons is built on two main bloodlines. The line of the Goede Roede" and the of the Broer goede rode x Golden Leo 40000 ". These two lines are based on Orgiginaltauben by Leo Hamilton herremans. „Goede Rode" and "Broer Goede Rode" were from a daughter of the New Dreampair" so "Rossi x Eenoogske" bred. "Golden Leo 40000" dating back to a grandson of the "Olympics 03".


Dirk van den Bulck in 2014, decided to sell his pigeons, Flanders collection were these short-distance race to acquire one of the candidates. The goal: these into their existing de Rauw-Sablon/Marcel Aelbrecht complement collection at the highest level. Since it makes no half measures here in Liederkerke all TOP breeding pairs, national AS pigeons and Olympiad pigeons were purchased, now sit on the breeding loft of Bruno and Yannick.


"Goede Rode"

The blood line of the "GOEDE RODE" actually can be divided into three lines, which of the "OVERALL", "VALE AS" and "SAGAN".

"Apron" dynasty:

"GOEDE RODE" was paired "OLYMPIC ROSITA" -1 Olympiad of pigeons Nitra.

You bred together:

  • APRON – BE13 6139803
    • 1.Nationale AS PIGEON KBDB Sprint 2013,. with the lowest coefficients of Zeiten(0,9%)
    • 1st prize against 2,089 pigeons
    • 1st prize against 1.792 pigeons
    • 2nd Prize against 2,023 pigeons
    • 3rd Prize against 2,443 pigeons
    • 4. price against 2.121 pigeons
    • 9 price against 1.934 pigeons
  • GREIPEL – BE13 6139849
    • 6 national AS pigeon KBDB Sprint 2013
    • Winner 1.Nationale Championship KBDB Sprint 2013
    • 2. price against 1.559 against
    • 5. price against 1.371 pigeons
    • 5. price against 1.603 pigeons
    • 10.Preis 1.255 pigeons
    • 13.Preis against 1,178 pigeons
  • NEW COAT – BE14-6091710
    • 1st prize against 1.371 pigeons
    • 3rd Prize 1993 pigeons
    • 8 price against 1,571 pigeons
    • 26 price against 2.126 pigeons
    • 60. price against 1.623 pigeons
    • 86. price against 2,412 pigeons


"SAGAN" dynasty:

The "GOEDE RODE" paired at "Golden Leo 998" was a good combination. It belongs to the successful breeding "Sagan dynasty" by Patrick Boeckx:

    • 1.Nationle AS pigeon KBDB sprint old of pigeons 2013
    • 1st prize against 2.061 pigeons
    • 2nd Prize against 2.121 pigeons
    • 1st prize against 2.121 pigeons
    • 2nd Prize against 1,863 pigeons

"VALE AS" dynasty:

The"GABRIEL RODE" and that "GOLDEN LEO 999" are at the base of the "Vale As dynasty". The offspring of this pair brings alone no less than sixteen first prize Aviator against an average 1,500 pigeons. The blood of this exceptional pair is found also in the lineage of the 2nd National AS pigeon KBDB 2013 small Mittelstecke.

Brother 'Goede Rode' x ' Golden Leo 40000 "

This is the second important Blulinie of the van den Bulck pigeons. This combination can be found in the Pedigrees of the following performance pigeons:

1.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2013

2.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB small Mittelstecke 2013

4.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2012

6.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons sprint 2013

14.Nationale AS pigeon KBDB sprint 2013

The descendants 17 x won 1st prize at an average 1,250 pigeons. "Broer goede rode' x ' Golden Leo 40000" are also the grandparents of "Olympic Rosita", the Dove behind the hugely successful "Coat" Blulinie.


This closes the circle of the incomparable deaf families.

We have Brande and Yannick de Ridder seen two pigeon strains in incredible quality in breeding and performance when Bruno van den, that their peers are looking for. Here beats the heart of each pigeon breeder much higher!

Yannick Derrider, Stationsstraat 110, 1770 Liedekerke Tel: 0032 476573915

Bruno van den Brande, Kastanjelaan 34, 1770 Liedekerke


Auction 2015 flanders collection

PS: on 24 October 2015 in Kassel international TaubenMarkt are 2 children of the "coat" – 1. National AS pigeon KBDB 2013 – in a "PREMIUM auction - Belgian SUPERSTARS" offered.


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