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A lightning start succeeded Rik cools in the year 2015, his female team surprised the competition in the provincial race from Clermont on May 9 with: 1., 2., 4., 5., 7... and 14 prices of 23 set against 6.559 pigeons! He could demonstrate a week later on the provincial race from tours (450 km) against 2,122 pigeons once again the quality of his colony. There he reached the 3rd, 7, 36, 70, 76.,... and 9 prices of 16 used pigeons.Cools

Rik cools works as a technical consultant at a school in Aalter. On the farm of his parents, there were pigeons, which were housed in the attic of the shed, but never traveled has always been.
Regularly Rik went to his neighbors, to observe the arrival of pigeons. When he then moved to the Pannemeersstraat in Ruislede, he found himself between pigeon friends and had infected by their passion.

Initially he was together with friends on the road and the successful! Since 2005, Rik travels always alone. He got in contact with Gaby Vandenabeele and together they gained even better breeding results, particularly the tribes Bliksem x Frieda and Bliksem bring forth x Bieke top pigeons. The reinforcement of the root "Victor" by Antoine Benoot, Nazareth, was very successful. Also the common breeding brought one other top breeders, Chris Debacker, Beveren-LEIE, many successes. The old basis (Vandenabeele) is very suitable for inbreeding, the intersection results are still better. Currently, the colony is based on 80% Vandenabeele pigeons. Rik prefers the provincial - and national flights from 300 to 600 km.

Because of his profession, he has little time, which is why he plays the female since 2008 on classic widower. A group of 24 women (both old and yearlings) living in a compartment. Female recover much more quickly and can be weekly basket. In the period from April to July, they remain in widower and then they fly some national heavy haul from the nest.

cools impact

After the season they move to an open aviary, where they can molt in peace. You get for a good mix of Mauser, seeds that contain a lot of fat, as well as a regular gift by Pigeon gold in the drinking water and Hessechol in the feed, dry with Pavifac Brewer's yeast. End of November the females then return in its travel stroke, pull a round boy on and if these little guys are approximately 10-12 days old, again return the females in the Aviary. Mid-February is again in the shot, from where after recording their daily training, namely in the morning and in the evening for approximately 45 minutes.

In the morning the blows with heat stones are heated. From April 1, the yearling train twice a day... If the weather is good, she be driven drive one or two 30 km, then 100 km, Clermont, Ablis, Orléans, tours, Bourges. If flights everything is normal, the hens are basket every week for flights from 300-600 km. Upon their return, there is always MUMM in drinking water, the next day they get vitamins ()Gervit-W), then for two days. Avidress plus and a day before the Einkorben Pigeon gold. Two weeks before the start of the season get the pigeons Carni-speed and although almost daily in the drinking water because the doves recover faster and have more energy.

If a flight went so well, the pigeons sometimes only for a short-haul flight of 100-200 km will be basked. To achieve this, they receive an extra: for a few day Flash form, This makes for better blood circulation and faster recovery.

They get regularly for intestinal health Hatchling powder about the feed. Rik pays attention also to fresh minerals and is committed to ensuring Premium mineral travel and breeding. Daily added to the feed, it makes for a perfect digestion.

Also, Rik has two compartments for young pigeons (it starts with a group of 70-90 of early youngsters each year). Until August, he has more time for flights by July. The young animals are darkened and played after the sliding door system. They are held as well as the hens, except that the youngsters at the beginning Avidress plus have daily in the drinking trough and at 2 to 3 days a week Hatchling powder in the feed.

cools krista

The ACEs 2015

The "019"

It comes from the "Jonge Cadel" which combines an inbreeding on the "Bliksem" in paternal. Maternal, she is the daughter of Sofie who has travelled even outstanding. Sofie is one of the best racers from Rik cools again a sister to the "Molleke".

Achievements of the "019" B 14 - 3115019

3. PR. Tours 2122 pigeons

2. PR. Gueret 1952 pigeons

11 Prov. Argenton 4348 pigeons

47. Prov.Chateauroux 5063 pigeons

50th Prov.Tours 2463 pigeons

56. Prov.Chateauroux 2613 pigeons

66. Prov.Tours 1722 pigeons

93. PR. Bourges 1415 pigeons

103. PR. Montluçon 1778 pigeons

But not only on the own beat the pigeons by Rik made a sensation. On the impact of his friend Chris Debacker, the feat to win two provincial victories from tours managed the "Amigo". The first against 6093 pigeons and the second against 5399 pigeons. The "Amigo" is "t ´ Marieke" is also on the lines of the "Bliksem" of Gaby Vandenabeele and on the often described back. In addition, we want to be mention not the "B-3115054". It goes back to the "Koster" and the "543" by Rik. This top female won 2015 following top prizes:

2. PR. Clermont 6559 pigeons

5. PR. Tours 1722 pigeons

5. PR. Bourges 1415 pigeons

9 Prov. Guéret 1952 pigeons

Tips by Rik

The good, healthy Dove: Pigeons, which are easy to get, are the result of strict selection, because they have a good natural resistance. The Röhnfried products support this ideal. Avidress plus ensures good droppings and more resistance against cancer.

Respect for the Biorhythm: Rik can train his cocks at fixed times - every morning from 7.00 until 8:00 and dinner from 18: 00 until 19:00. He also adheres to a fixed system with the administration of feed and in products. So, the pigeons come faster in the necessary form.

A good basis is very important: try eggs or Spätjunge of good breeders to get. Have patience and trust in these pigeons. Try the quality inbred, increasing cruising and strict selection.

The pigeon type: Rik prefers pigeons with strong bones and many and soft feathers. And him, it is important that the pigeons top prizes provide instead for prizes!

Good advice: try to be breeders on 365 days in the year. Because every day is a success: there is much to see, if you want to see it!

Best flights 2015

09/05 Clermont (200 km) 6559 pigeons Prov. : 1, 2, 4, 5, 7,... (14/23)

17/05 tours (450 km) 2122 pigeons Prov. : 3, 7, 36, 70, 76,... (9/16)

13/06 Gueret (550 km) 1952 pigeons Prov. : 2, 9, 62, 140, 149, .. (8/16)

05/07 Clermont (200 km) 391 pigeons Club: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, ... (44/50)

06/07 La Souterraine (550 km) 4161 pigeons Nat. : 50, 63, 75, 76 (4/4)

18/07 Tours (450km) 1722 pigeons Prov. : 5, 33, 66, 83, 89, ... (7/9)

01/08 Bourges (444 km) 1415 pigeons Prov. : 5, 11, 18, 49, 74, ... (11/12)

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