The spring fair in Houten – for the 21st time on 5 and 6 March Expo Houten - NL

The spring fair is the culmination of European shortly before the season. For the 21st time on 5 and 6 March Expo Houten - NL

Only 1 1/2 hour's drive from the highway junction A2/A3 Oberhausen/Dortmund

The spring fair is the culmination of European shortly before the season. For the 21st time on 5 and 6 March Expo Houten - NL

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They are hard to imagine, but in about a month with which to prepare their racers first beautiful spring days probably already doing on the training flights.

Quickly, the time passes especially in years!
Last year, the fair has celebrated the 20th anniversary. The growth phases have been completed, and now, the spring fair has evolved to a mature European pigeon sport event. Thousands of fanciers look forward long time on this event. You all want to see the start of the new season, and all three are again crowded with about 250 exhibitors the halls!

The 4000 – 6000 youngsters create a pleasant atmosphere and cosiness!
Pigeon breeders offer pigeons for sale from all over the globe from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Many stalls have been rented by small, well playing breeders. In Houten, you will find even offers of provincial and national masters, which offer suitable pigeons for the short to the long haul. That good pigeons are sold is more than well known. Often, the seller have also some older animals for sale, usually at very attractive prices. The seller of the boys have shaped over the years, the face of the spring fair. The main reason for the most visitors for their visit. Perhaps not only to buy, but also because of the unique atmosphere. Take pigeons in the hand, on the sports talk, include everything… sink into the anonymity of thousands of visitors, suddenly to meet an old friend, which is typical of the spring fair.

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What do you notice?
What is striking is that in recent years more and more German breeders can sell their young. What is also striking is that long distance pigeons are in demand from Dutch and Belgian good gambling strategies. We see more and more players from travelling long distance pigeons after the spring fair.

Trends and developments
The spring fair has a stable group of exhibitors, including large companies. Many of these entrepreneurs take advantage of the event for the launch of new products for the season. In addition, they give fair discounts on some products. Many foreign visitors know and big. Of course, the spring fair for the wide range of nutritional supplements is known because our pigeons on the flights as an athlete are needed. Without an adequate medical assistance and with special diet plans and food supplements, it is almost impossible to play every week with the same doves on middle distance and long distance. Therefore, many visitors use this fair just to look at everything, because there is a large selection.

wooden 2016_3

To be set another trend of in recent years is the increasing number of exhibitors who organize OneLoftRaces in any case. Meanwhile, there are 10 different stands for OneLoftRaces at the fair. Continue to the tenders for various OneLoftRaces are many other stalls. Here you can compare all races at a glance.

Security for visitors and exhibitors
The word is security in this article was already cited. So, the issue of safety has developed the last few years in and around the event. In recent years, the event has grown too large. To give a good secure feeling exhibitors and visitors when they visit the exhibition, we have found in cooperation with Expo Houten and a company that specializes in crowd control. The staff are used to improve the overall security of the event many visitors. Find out more on our website under the news.

Go with the times…
As already written in the introduction to the spring fair spring fair has become a mature international event. With a limited budget, we work each year at numerous improvements, especially on the atmosphere and cosiness. Expo Houten renovated and invested in a beautiful environment in and around the complex. The terrain around the Hall was renovated last summer. So there is now a safe parking space for exhibitors, and smokers can smoke a cigarette just beside the Hall 2 and 3. There is a new terrace in Hall 1 and the terrace in Hall 3 is twice as large on Saturday. In short, there's more seating for visitors.

Ornamental pigeons
The spring fair has earned also reputation with a wide range of ornamental pigeons. Again, the organizers have invited a large number of special pigeon clubs with ornamental pigeons. There is to admire many fancy pigeons between the booths this year. Has been shown over the years that this group of breeders also shows a growing interest in the spring fair. So are several hundred ornamental pigeons for sale this year. Most of them with very good quality and at reasonable prices. Here you will find the top of the Dutch ornamental pigeon sport. The members of this special pigeons, you can get information about specific breeds, buy ornamental pigeons, or order young pigeons for the summer. On the terrace in Hall 3 find a section many European songbirds again, in short: it is all back!

Directions and hours of operation
Expo Houten is centrally located in the Netherlands along the A27 Utrecht-Breda. The system is very easy to find and the parking is free! On the A27 you will find (5 km south of Utrecht) Exit 29 - Houten.
For GPS in the car: Meidoornkade 24-3992 AE - Wooden.
The Spring Fair is on Saturday, March 5 open 9:00 to 17:00
Sunday, March 6 9:00 to 15:00.
The entrance fee is € 10,00 per person, free for children under 12 years admission!

For more information, please visit


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