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The modern system is based on three points: grains of top quality, the addition of liquid enzymes and ease of use. These added enzymes are 100% natural and completely tasteful - and odorless. The enzymes are activated only by the conditions in the crop after the feed has been recorded. Make sure that the cell walls of the grains are broken down faster and so the nutrients are absorbed better and faster in the body of the pigeon. This has three advantages: the pigeon get noticeably more energy out of the Chuck, the digestibility of protein and crude cellulose is noticeably higher than in traditional blends, and this better digestion leads to visible lower and drier feces.

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Since the digestion of grains is also energy, a double advantage here. The pigeons get not only more energy from the same amount of feed, but require less energy to digest the food. Making the modern system to an ideal system for the modern pigeon racing, where the burden of the deaf is increasing. There are numerous evidence from practice. System trusts the champion from the Belgian Russeignies Sébastien Casaert for years on the modern and Beyers plus supplements. At the beginning of the week he is re Cup, in the middle of the week construction and during the last days prior to placing energy. After a severe flight captured the pigeons with construction instead of re Cup. The modern system has Sébastien put no Windeier:
2011 he was the 1st National ACE pigeon large medium-haul and 2nd National ACE pigeon small middle distance. He was also 6 national champion for the year and superstar on the middle distance at the "Gouden Duif" Belgium. 2012 continued with same verve and series results, so that he was 12 national champion on the large middle distance. Also in 2013, he regularly pressed the competitors with magnificent series and won the 6th national la Souterraine against 11.237 yearlings and 6 national la Souterraine against 9.536 old birds and others.

Beyers elite enzym ms recup
In addition, he provides exactly as 2011 the 1st National ACE pigeon large medium-haul and was 7 national champion on the large middle distance old birds and 7 national champion in the long distance at the year-old. Benny and Karin Steveninck from Hamme (BE) are undoubtedly the best medium-range players from Belgium. With their "Chipo" line, they provide national and provincial ACE pigeon on the running belt and win on the flights magnificent series, what 2013 again affirmed the title 1 national ACE pigeon at the youngsters KBDB was winning. Also, they were 4th national champion on the large middle-year olds and were the 13th National ACE pigeon on the large medium-haul for the year and the 15th national ACE pigeon at the old birds.

Beyers elite enzyme ms construction Extra
Benny and Karin swear for the feeding of pigeons on the modern system. On the one hand because the enzymes used to make possible a maximum and accelerated absorption of nutrients, and partly because it is a very use friendly system. Benny said, specifying the names of compounds already, for which they are intended: successively re Cup (regeneration), construction, and energy. For the support of the condition and the health of their pigeons Benny and Karin trust on the supplementary products range of from Beyers plus.
Luc and Hilde Sioen in Moorslede (BE) left by Sebastien Casaert persuaded to switch system to modern in feeding. Quickly, they were enthusiastic about the quality of the blends, and contributed above all the simplicity of use to your full satisfaction. In their results, which struck down with the 1st and 4th National Poitiers against 13.135 yearlings and the 7 National Championship in the long distance at the old pigeons preliminary highlights.

beyers elite enzym ms energy
The extremely fanatical trio gust, with and Geert Van Hove-Uytterhoeven decided from Putte (BE) a few years ago the modern system, and Beyers plus supplementary products to apply. You are very satisfied with the Beyers mixtures and products and that not only during the season, but also during the breeding and moulting. Since she started with the modern system, they lay down a top result on national flights after the other.

A few examples:
17/06/12 Montluçon nat. 22.875 OCCA.
2., 4., 22nd, 41st, 70th, 95th, 195., 228. etc. (20/25)
17/06/12 Montluçon nat. 17.865 Alttb.
7, 27, 96, 222, 227, 309, 367., etc. (12/17)
30/06/12 nat. Argenton 22.384 OCCA.
3., 47., 90th, 107, 191, 194, etc. (15/21)
30/06/13 nat. Argenton Alttb 16.325.
23, 33., 115, 118, 154, 158., etc. (13/16)
30/06/13 nat. Argenton 22.463 OCCA.
2nd, 144, 226, 308., 374, 505th, etc (14/20)

Loot from Wihelminaoord was one of the first growers in the Netherlands, System discovered the modern, Gert-Jan. When Gert-Jan decided some time ago that he himself wanted to work your way up to the top of Dutch sport of pigeon, he made himself not only on the search for top pigeons, but also after a high-tech feeding system. So he came to the modern system, and this feeding system has contributed to his rise to the top in recent years. This resulted in the 1st National ACE pigeon on the long distance TBOTB including two Olympic doves at the Olympiad 2011 in Poznań, 2011 and 2013 managed the 2nd best wide route pigeon WHZB 2011. Gert-Jan to get a whole range of prices among the top 10 in the Afdeling: 1 Afdeling Hapert NPO SEZANNE, 1st, 2nd and 4th, 3. Afdeling Hapert, 3rd and 5th Afdeling St. Quentin , 8th NPO Châteauroux and 8th and 10th Afdeling St. Quentin. In addition, Gert-Jan has
through his articles and lectures many breeders to more success helped also by his advice on feeding. How for example Hetty Hopman of Bunschoten Spakenburg, only 10 of the 2013 7 Central Netherlands was champion of young pigeons 1 with unnamed when the youngsters Afdeling. That the modern system is also excellent is suitable for the large long distance, emerges from the Noordam Vijverberg Dutch beat community services from BB´s Gravenzande. You play with 42 pairs of travel from the nest and trust in feeding the pigeons in their nest on the modern system. You will find that has the great advantage of this system is that you can give just full trough the nest pigeons the construction mix, without that they are fat. Five days before the Einkorben the building blend is then replaced by the energy mix, supplemented with a few hands full premium super energy. 2011 she posted victories in the Afdeling von Bergerac and St Vincent and others, and 2013 they stood 2 Cahors against 4,577 pigeons on television with the 5th national sector. The modern system was successfully adopted in Germany. System belongs to Heinz Willi Ritz of London for decades to the top of the German pigeon sport and familiar without constraint on the modern. The SG also pepper man from Fuldatal relies fully on the modern system, earning them 453 East Hesse in 2012 including the title 2nd RegV masters, 2nd RegV Verbandsjährigenmeister and 3. RegV Association champion long distance regional association.

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