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Bring the immune system on alert for the phase of the young pigeon disease hatchling powder with Röhnfrieds now!

The goal of the healthy maintenance of homing pigeons is in the racing season, as best as possible to protect the pigeons in stress phases from infections.

In addition to the already widely used pre - and probiotics, bovine colostrum and antibodies from egg yolk, science recorded tremendous insights in the field of the activation of the active and passive immune system especially in the last ten years. For some time, we have special carbohydrates available, which have an increased number of immunocompetent cells result in a regular feeding with so-called 1.3-1.6 ß glucans. These cells, such as
Macrophages and lymphocytes, play an important role in the complex organization of the immune system. Still is been demonstrated that after a feeding an increased alert and thus a significantly faster immune response of the body can be achieved with this ß glucans. A quick response of the immune system is in widespread factorial young animal disease of the utmost importance. Also, a feeding glucans is recommended before vaccination and young animal throughout the phase, because significantly more antibodies against pathogens, so pathogenic germs are made. Still, phagocytosis is germ cell-level increased significantly, so ill makin' the disposal after a feeding of these substances. This also justifies feeding glucans also during and after an outbreak of the infection. A combination of these described carbohydrates with a mixture of functional flavors has proved in pigeon husbandry. One is the often described Allicin, the active ingredient of garlic, which is made up of prepress plants use the enzyme Allinase. Unfortunately is not long stable Allicin and decays such as in liquids at room temperature after only a short time and then ineffective. As a result, the technological treatment of garlic by means of freeze-drying has proven, because thus the stable Alliin is maintained. The educated after feeding from the Alliin Allicin then acts in conjunction with cinnamon strong bactericidal against E. coli and salmonella, but at the same time protects the positive intestinal flora such as such as Lactobacilli.

Still, a feeding by intestinal active powder cellulose is advisable for the development of a healthy immune system, which, the pigeons will benefit not only in the year of birth. This unique combination ensures an improved feed efficiency.
This is due to an extension of the intestinal villi, which represent the recording station for nutrients and active ingredients as well as the place of an enormous immunological activity. Another advantage of feeding on intestinal active powder cellulose is to increase the enzyme activity of the digestive system. Increased feed efficiency are fewer nutrients in the metabolism of pathogenic germs to which indirectly be starved as a result. For the healthy maintenance of carrier pigeons, ß-glucans, powder cellulose and Allicin are good tools to support the immunity in the intestine. Because the birds especially in the tourist season are subject to great stress, it makes sense the immunological stress management to help them.

Cellulose powder, bovine colostrum, ß-glucans and Alliin are bundled in a young animal powder. You can also benefit from the unique mode of action.

Hatchling powder

Hatchling powder immune booster
Dietary supplement for pigeons

Jungtierpulver zeichnet sich durch einen hohen Proteingehalt und einer erstmals genutzten Kombination zur Aktivierung des passiven und aktiven Immunsystems in Verbindung mit einem erprobten Darmschutzkonzept aus. Besonders empfohlen für Jungtauben und Brieftauben zum Boostern der Topform und Widerstandskraft in Belastungsphasen wie Reise, Mauser, Zucht und zur Unterstützung von Behandlungsmaßnahmen.

Hatchling powder is rich in essential amino acids with immunologically active antibodies from bovine colostrum and egg yolk, valuable Torulahefe and bowel active powder cellulose. Beta-glucans activate the immune system and prebiotic ingredients nourish and stabilize the existing gut flora.

Optimized by a regular feeding this dietary supplement the nutrient supply for development and regeneration of muscles and tissues, the intestinal surface and thus the resistance grow, since 70% of the immune system in the intestine sits.

Feeding recommendation:
• After the race about 1-2 meals. 20 g / kg feed or about 40 pigeons.
• Before inserting about 2-4 meals. 10 g / kg feed or about 40 pigeons.
For increased performance requirements such as breeding, training or moulting food should be fed 4-5 times per week 10 g / kg

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